20 Trailblazers Leading The Way In Veterans Disability Attorney

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Veterans Disability Lawsuits – Why You Need a Lawyer Who is Accredited to Handle Veterans Disability Lawsuits

Attorneys who profit from disabled veterans to earn profits often make use of their benefits. You require an attorney who is certified to handle VA claims.

A Connecticut veteran who was suffering from schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health issues related to a deadly aircraft carrier crash has won an important victory. But it comes with a substantial cost.

Class Action Settlement

The Department of Veterans Affairs has repeatedly discriminated against Black veterans by refusing disability compensation claims at a significantly higher rate than white veterans, according to the lawsuit filed on Monday. Conley Monk is 74 years old and a Marine Corps veteran who served during the Vietnam War, is the plaintiff in the lawsuit. According to documents obtained by Monk and the Yale Law School Veterans Legal Services Clinic and Monk, he claims that the VA denied his disability claim at a higher rate than white veterans in the past three decades.

Monk who is an a retired psychiatric nurse claims that the discrimination of the VA has caused him and other black veterans to be affected in ways that have impacted their health, homes, employment and education. He is requesting that the VA reimburse him for benefits he has been deprived of, and to modify its policies on race, discharge status and denial rates.

Monk and the Veterans Legal Services Clinic received 20 years of VA disability claim data in the past year as part of a Freedom of Information Act request, which they submitted on behalf of National Veterans Council for Legal Redress, and the Black Veterans Project. This data showed that Black veterans were statistically less likely to receive the right to claim disability benefits than white veterans between 2001 and 2020. The average denial rate for black veterans was 6.3 percent higher than white veterans disability attorney.

Discrimination based on PTSD

The Veterans Affairs Department systematically denies disability benefits to Black veterans, as per a lawsuit filed Monday. The suit was filed by a former Marine Corps vet who was denied housing or education, as well as other benefits despite suffering from undiagnosed PTSD. The suit cites evidence that suggests that VA officials have previously denied claims filed by Black Veterans disproportionately.

Conley Monk was a volunteer in the Marines during the Vietnam War, driving a truck that was shot and helping to transport equipment and troops to combat zones. Conley Monk was later involved two fights which he blamed on his PTSD. In 1971, he received an unjust discharge that was less than acceptable. The “bad paper” hindered him from receiving home loans, tuition assistance and other benefits.

He filed a lawsuit against the military in order to reverse his discharge. He was awarded full benefits in 2015 and 2020. However, he says the VA still owes him money due to his previous denials of disability compensation. The suit claims that he also suffered emotional trauma by reliving his most traumatic experiences with every application for benefits.

The lawsuit seeks financial damages and wants the court require the VA to look into systems-wide PTSD bias. The lawsuit is the latest effort by groups such as the ACLU and Service Women’s Action Network, to force the VA to address the long-standing discrimination against survivors of sexual assault.

Alimony Discrimination

The veterans who have served our country in uniform or who are their companions deserve truthful answers regarding the veterans disability compensation and its influence on the financial aspects of divorce. One of the biggest myths is that state courts can confiscate veterans’ VA compensation to pay for alimony and child support. This isn’t the case. Congress carefully designed the law in Title 38, U.S. Code, to protect veterans’ benefits from claims of family members and creditors in the case of alimony or child support.

Conley Monk, a volunteer for his country, logged two years in Vietnam driving bulletproof transport vehicles and moving troops and equipment out of combat zones. He was awarded several medals, but then the discharge he received was not a prestigious one because the two battles he endured were caused by undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder. It was a long, difficult road to convince the VA to accept disability compensation.

He was denied benefits at a much higher rate than white peers. This racial discrimination was systemic and widespread, as per the lawsuit brought on behalf of him by the National Veterans Council for Legal Redress and the Veterans Legal Services Clinic at Yale Law School. It asserts that the VA was aware of and failed to combat decades of discrimination against Black Veterans. It seeks justice for Monk and other veterans.


The VA’s Board of Veterans Appeals reviews claims for benefits when a claimant is not satisfied with a decision that the agency has made. If you’re considering appealing the decision, it is essential to do so immediately. A lawyer who is experienced in veteran disability appeals can assist you in ensuring that your appeal is compliant with all requirements and ensure that it receives a fair hearing.

A licensed lawyer can examine the evidence that supports your claim, and when necessary, submit additional evidence. The lawyer will also understand the difficulties involved in dealing with the VA and could create a higher level of empathy for the situation. This could be a great benefit to your appeals.

A claim for disability from a veteran is usually denied due to the agency did not accurately describe their condition. A skilled lawyer can make sure that your condition is properly classified and rated properly, which will allow you the benefits you deserve. A qualified attorney will be able to collaborate with medical experts to provide additional proof of your condition. For example an expert in medicine might be able prove that the pain you suffer is a result of your service-connected injury and is causing impairment. They might also be able help you obtain the medical records that are required to prove your claim.