Condo New Launch

Kristin McPhee asked 3 weeks ago

Buying the right condo
There are many condo to choose from, new launch or sub sale, everyone have their own preference of buying a condo, some may look into the most important location, surrounding, facilities, density, building design, unit layout, private lift, car park, amenities and price. If you have any concerns pertaining to where and how to use vipod residence for sale, you can call us at the website. Freehold or leasehold will have less impact as compare in the past.

Think Location
Location usually the most important factor when buying, no one want to buy a troika condo for sale, next to factory or cemetery unless have no other choice, it will definitely harder to sale and price will not increase much and event tenant also harder to get.

The location determined the price, for example in KLCC area, most condo price are above RM1,000 to RM3,000 per square feet and size range from 450sf studio to 4,000sf units, at least 1 or more car park. The cheapest condo in KLCC within walking distance like idaman residenc for sale Residence from RM750psf and the troika for sale most expensive the like of Four Seasons or Binjai on the park about RM3,000psf.
Where as in Mont Kiara price range from RM500 to RM1,100psf and in Ampang price range from RM400 to RM800psf unless is close to KLCC.

Important of Condo Facing
Well, there is always a plus to get a better view condo as compare to no view or facing directly to other condo or facing noisy highway. Is also harder to rent out unless no other choice.

MRT or LRT Station
Will be another plus for buying condo near the station either for own stay or investment. Like it or not is a convenient and also price will most likely increase because of demand.

Rental Return
In this past few years, is harder to get return of 4% or above for any new condo as the price is high and demand is less with surplus of condos in some locations but it might not be so in future as price most likely going up as land are scarcely available and it will be further away.
Is not impossible to get more than 4% in return as some developer do offer ROI of more than 5% to 8% for few years and hoping by than the market have recover or some high demanding location will have good return .

Available For Sale
There are many condo for sale in every locations since there are always buying and selling for some reasons and from super high end to fire sale or cheapest and from sub sale to new launching. From KLCC, KL to Bangsar, Mont Kiara, Damansara Heights, Ampang, PJ and many other locations.

Is always your own preference but with reference with experience agent or investors or friends will give some decent advice to get your unit.